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Dreaming of someone cutting my hair.

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Dreaming that someone else cut my hair, dreaming that my hair was cut, is a sign of wealth. Dreaming that my hair is cut during the day can make a fortune. I dream that my hair will be cut at night, and there will be bad news. Women dream of having their hair cut to prevent gynecological inflammation.
Dreaming of someone cutting their hair is a good sign and will be promoted. But dreaming that others cut their hair means poverty and serious illness.
Dreaming that you cut off your hair means that you have to quarrel with your good friends or relatives, and the responsibility lies with you! If you dream that it was the other person who cut your hair, then the reason for the quarrel is the other person.
Dreaming of strangers cutting your hair means quarreling with strangers, but when you find that your hair is not missing, that is to say, you have not suffered any loss, and quarreling is fine, and you will be fine!
Dreaming of cutting your hair with scissors indicates that you will leave your loved ones, and your loved ones will encounter misfortune and disaster; It may also mean that you want to get out of trouble and dream that someone else will cut your hair: there will be bad news.
Married people dream that they have to travel far when they cut their hair. Short-distance travel is OK, but not long-distance. When a woman dreams that someone else will cut her hair, she will be lucky in the near future: when she starts to create, suffering will come one after another. Only when she has the will to struggle tenaciously and works hard can she overcome all difficulties and get home.
In the evening, I dreamed that my friend had cut off the bangs in front of my hair. I felt very distressed at that time because I finally stayed for a long time. But later, I thought of cutting it off, and by the way, I cut all my hair very short.