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Dreaming of funerals and graves

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Dreaming of attending a funeral means that everything will go well. Lost things reappear; Or make up with friends who turn against each other, etc., will be good, don't worry.
Dreaming of being overtaken by a hearse, money will turn for the better. Unnecessary expenses will be reduced, and pocket money can be used in a planned way. There will never be a dilemma caused by empty pockets.
Dreaming that the corpse is burning indicates that the reading movement will rise. The reason is that you have studied hard and your grades will make great progress in the coming year. This can give you a 99% guarantee.
Dreaming of watching large historic sites, the planned things will go smoothly. You might as well make a small travel plan at this time, and you will get your wish.
Dreaming of worshiping the tomb, it is very likely that luck will rise in interpersonal relationships. Your friendship with relatives and friends will be deeper. If you have any difficulties, you can discuss with them, and the other party can share your worries for you.
Dreaming of walking in the graveyard at night will lead to a decline in health. If you are a member of a sports association, you must take enough nutrition and sleep to avoid fainting due to lack of physical strength.
Modern psychological explanation
Dream explanation: Dreaming of a funeral indicates that you must clarify your feelings about death. What is involved here is not necessarily your own death, but also other people. Dreams arouse your vigilance, and it is necessary to grieve for something or an old friend. Moreover, only this sad time can prompt you to plan for the future. If you dream about your funeral, it may indicate the desire for sympathy, or imply that some part of your personality has been paralyzed or even died.
Psychoanalysis: If dreaming of parents' funerals symbolizes taking the first step towards independence, or making a painful farewell to the past. Perhaps you should give up his childhood and childhood experiences and emphasize this behavior through a celebration and ceremony.
Spiritual symbol: From the perspective of psychiatry, funeral indicates a transitional etiquette.

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