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Dream of being ordained

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Modern psychology explains dreaming of being ordained
Wisdom of a monk. Being a monk is to see through the world of mortals, which indicates insight into human things and is a kind of wisdom.
Dreaming of being ordained, the Lord is happy and lucky.
When a man dreams of being ordained, he will get rid of family conflicts and live a happy life.
When a woman dreams of being ordained, it indicates that she can become her husband's wife, promote the development of her husband's career and make her family life richer and happier.
Unmarried men and women dream of being ordained, which indicates that they can get a happy marriage.
Dreaming of becoming a monk usually indicates a happy life, or indicates that life will have a new beginning, symbolizing rebirth or disease improvement.
Men dream that they have given up their secular life, which usually symbolizes that they have got rid of secular troubles, lived leisurely and carefree, and lived happily for husband and wife.
A woman dreams that she has given up her secular life, which means that her family is harmonious, her life is rich, she is happy, comfortable and carefree.
Unmarried men and women dream that they have given up their secular life, implying that they will marry a beautiful and handsome wife or a considerate and capable husband, and they will be happy in marriage.
The patient dreams of giving up worldly life, reminding you to be careful of getting worse.
Businessmen dream of becoming monks, which indicates that the business is smooth, the financial resources are abundant, the profits will be huge, and the life will be precious and comfortable.
However, if a person who has become a monk dreams that he is a monk, he may imply that he wants to return to the secular life.
The original duke of zhou dreamed of being ordained
Dreaming of becoming a monk and returning to the common customs, fierce, will bring disaster. Interpretation of Dream Forest
Talk to monks, the main murderer. Original duke of zhou
Analysis of cases of dreaming of being ordained
Netizen's dream: Yesterday, I dreamed that I had become a monk. I can't remember exactly how I got home. Anyway, I was dressed in an apricot monk's costume and was in a big temple. But I'm very afraid that my parents will know and they won't accept it. And my wife is pregnant, and what will she do with the children when I leave home? However, I was very pleased to think that I could put aside all my practice when I became a monk. At that time, my heart was like knocking over a five-flavor bottle. Later, the master of the temple arranged for me to deal with some zf officials, and asked me to prepare for a large-scale mage activity. I feel very reluctant in my heart. I feel that since I am out of home, I have to do these vulgar things. At this time, when I saw that a hall had not been completed, I thought it would be hard to become a monk, but I would rather do the menial work of building a hall. Later, I saw an old man in the temple and a monk I knew before, but they didn't speak. Finally, a monk took me to a place and gave me a camera so that I could use it in the future. This is an outdated SLR camera, which costs only a few hundred dollars. Master also said yes. I said it's not as good as mine, it's made of film, and I can't delete photos I don't like. However, I was very happy, just like living properly, and then I woke up.
Interpretation of dreams: Your dreams are really complicated. 1. Becoming a monk: the wisdom of becoming a monk. Being a monk is to see through the world of mortals, which indicates insight into human things and is a kind of wisdom. When a man is a monk, he will get rid of family conflicts and lead a happy life. 2. Parents: Mom and Dad are symbols of social order and morality. 3. The wife is pregnant: It indicates that the dreamer is doing very well and will have good luck in money. And your mind is that you have a wish in your heart. 4. Reject the Fa Conference: In reality, you are a very rational and cautious man. 5. Building the main hall: This is the most important point in your dream. You will have unexpected income in the market place, and you will have the image of Express in the officialdom. 6. Lao Dao and Monk: Lucky people, people who assist you. 7. Camera and photography: represent your interpersonal relationship. To sum up the above dream interpretation: you will have unexpected blessings in the near future, and in the long run, you are also a lucky image. But you should be careful not to be too mean to yourself, others, parents, wife and children, and be tolerant. When dealing with people, try to cover up your curiosity and master a degree of "guidance that you should know, don't ask about what you shouldn't know!"

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