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Dreaming of temple fairs

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Dreaming that the temple fair is being held in the village, and all the villagers are busy carrying out activities to meet the gods and meet the social fire, this is an auspicious dream, which means that you will make a windfall recently, which makes you happy.
Dreaming of a lively temple fair, dancing dragons and lions, and a jubilant scene, indicates that your work will have a good omen. Students' dreams mean that your academic achievements will improve. Farmers dream of this, indicating that there will be a good harvest this year.
A woman dreams of a temple fair, which indicates that she will meet the right person.
Dreaming of temple fairs indicates good luck in the near future and success in everything.
Civil servants dreamed of temple fairs, implying that they would take bribes.
Usually, dreaming that a temple fair is being held indicates that you will have unexpected wealth.

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