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Dreaming of worshipping Buddha

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Dreaming that you burn incense and worship Buddha indicates that you will have noble people to help you tide over the difficulties when you are in danger.
Businessmen dream of worshipping Buddha, and their business is booming.
Dreaming of burning incense and worshipping Buddha means that although you have already encountered a bottleneck, in the most difficult time, a noble person will come out to help you, and it will be very successful.
Dreaming of worshipping Buddha in the temple means that you will have a chance to be promoted and everything goes well. If unmarried people dream of this dream, they will meet good people.
Dreaming of burning incense and worshipping Buddha means that your feelings are mature, and your partner is excellent and well recognized. Soon you will be able to join the auditorium together.
The patient dreamed of burning incense and kowtowing to the goddess of the temple, which indicated that it was a auspicious sign and his body would recover.