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Dreaming of temples

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The temple in my dream represents my career and life.
If you dream of a magnificent temple, it indicates success in your career.
If you dream of a quiet and solemn temple, it indicates a quiet and comfortable life.
If you dream of a hazy temple, it represents a temporary disadvantage.
A case study of dreaming about monasteries
Dream Description: I have been to some monasteries, and I feel the peace and tranquility. Once I dreamed of a very quiet temple. This temple is located in the collapse of Qingshan Mountain, and a thin cloud covers the whole mountain, as if it were in a fairyland. (Female, 25 years old)
Dream analysis: The temple in the dream represents career and life. Dreaming of resplendent monasteries indicates success in career. Dreaming of a quiet and solemn temple foretells a quiet and comfortable life. Dreaming of a hazy temple represents a temporary disadvantage.