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Dreaming of chicks and chicks

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Dreaming of chicks and chicks: Dreaming of chicks and chicks will become housewives of large families.
Men dream of chicks: they will be big officials. Businessmen and bosses dream of chickens, and they will have a lot of money.
Young men and women dream of chicks: love is mature, and marriage will be happy.
Students dream of chicks: to be the monitor. Dreaming that chickens are strong, what their superiors said is true.
Dreaming of chickens suffering: bad days are coming, or suffering from diseases or economic losses.
Dreaming of a nest of chickens: It shows concern from all sides, some of which are beneficial to you.
Dreaming of a half-sized chicken: It means a happy career, but in order to win success, you must spare no effort.
Dreaming of a bird returning to its nest: It indicates that the enemy is trying to harm you.
Dreaming of chicks, the original duke of zhou of chicks
There are many chickens, and women marry rich men. Original duke of zhou
See chicks, male chief officer. Original duke of zhou
See the chicken, smell the cock crow, and be lucky. Original duke of zhou
Buy chickens and adopt children. Original duke of zhou

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