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Dreaming of turtles

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Turtles are symbols of happiness and good fortune.
Dreaming of sea turtles, if sea turtles are swimming, it means that you will have hard things to happen, so you should be mentally prepared. However, if you dream of taking turtles to the Dragon Palace, it will bring unpleasant things.
Dreaming of turtles, couples will live in harmony and happiness.
Married women dream of turtles, and their husbands will love themselves more.
Unmarried men and women dream of turtles, and soon they will marry their loved ones.
Dreaming of catching turtles is an ominous sign, which indicates that disaster is imminent.
Dreaming of drinking turtle soup indicates that you will apply clever and proper treatment methods, which will make others' schemes fail and make you feel extremely happy at the same time.

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