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Dreaming of crabs

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Crabs run wild with their teeth and claws. They are also used to digging holes under the sand and appearing in dreams, which means anything that can absorb the energy and energy of dreamers.
Dreaming of crabs indicates that the dreamer may meet competitors in love or business.
Dreaming that crabs pinch you may indicate that you will be hurt by villains and warn you to be careful.
Dreaming that crabs are rampant indicates that your fortune is getting better and you are about to overcome the present difficulties.
Dreaming of cooked crabs is a good thing, symbolizing that you have conquered your enemies.
Original duke of zhou
Dream of eating crabs, Ji. It is an image of armor and a sign of dissolution. The military commanders are disarming in the army, and they should take the exam to board the Yellow Armor. After having obtained the township examination, the dream eats its feet. The rest of the lawsuits are dissolved by the Lord. Interpretation of Dream Forest
Dream of kidney crabs. A sign that the mutinous soldiers are strong. Interpretation of Dream Forest
Crab, master all diseases dissipate. Original duke of zhou
Dream yellow crab. In the dream of litigation, it is necessary to dissolve the transaction marriage. Secretary of broken dreams
Dream crabs swim all over the fields. It is necessary to prevent the main soldier's brawl, and the bandits steal vertically and horizontally. Secretary of broken dreams
Modern psychological explanation
Interpretation of dreams: Crustaceans express motherly care in dreams, symbolizing desperate love, besides, they also express distrust and narcissism. Because the crab's way of advancing is very special, it also indicates that it is not useful or sinister in its dreams.
Psychoanalysis: Seeing crabs in dreams indicates cancer or something like that that is seriously harmful.
Spiritual symbol: Crab is one of the zodiac signs (Cancer), which symbolizes the goddess who controls everything.
A case study of dreaming of crabs
I dreamt that I went to the beach with the ebb tide, and picked up the shells left by the alluvial sea water. Those shells were very beautiful. Picking up, I suddenly found a live crab on the beach. It walked so fast that it ran away at once. (male, 28 years old)
Dream analysis: Crabs in dreams are meant by competitors. If you dream of crabs, it indicates that you have met a very competitive opponent in love or business, so you should be careful when dealing with emotional or business problems. If you dream of crabs crawling across, it indicates that your luck is gradually improving and your difficulties are slowly fading away.

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