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Dreaming of trout

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Trout in dreams means that good luck will bring you wealth growth.
Dreaming of swimming trout indicates good health and energy.
Dreaming of giving trout to others indicates that you may make friends stronger than yourself, which will help you in the future.
Dreaming of eating trout indicates that you will enjoy happiness in good living conditions.
Dreaming of catching a trout with a hook shows that you will be able to reap happiness.
If you dream of trout falling back into the water, it indicates that you will have a chance to be addicted to happiness.
Catch trout with a fishing net in a dream, symbolizing that your career will be flourishing.
Dreaming of seeing trout in muddy water indicates that you will enjoy sweet love and worry about other things at the same time.
In addition, the Freudian school believes that all fish are symbols of male genitalia.
Modern psychological explanation
Dream explanation: Fish represents wealth in people's minds. Dreaming of catching trout implies that your fortune will increase recently, and your efforts will be rewarded. Keep working hard. Dream of doing trout, which means that you live a rich life and are a person who can enjoy it.
Psychoanalysis: It is ominous to dream of selling trout. In real life, because you can't grasp the opportunity to make a fortune, your life has been in a difficult position, so that you have to endure the misfortune. My advice to you is to seek the help of noble people, instead of going it alone. Dreaming of giving trout to others implies that you will make friends with big people. In life, you are highly praised by the society for giving generously. Keep developing your style.
Spiritual symbol: dreaming of catching trout, there will be income; Dream of doing trout, life will be rich. Dreaming of selling trout is an ominous sign; If you dream of giving trout to others, you will pay noble people.
A case study of dreaming about trout
Dream Description: I dreamt that my friend asked me to go fishing, but I was not good at fishing, and I found nothing after fishing for a long time. There are many trout in the reservoir. I thought it would be better to buy some fish after a long time, so I bought some trout to go home. (female, 28 years old)
Dream analysis: Trout in dreams is a symbol of health and income. If you dream of swimming trout, it indicates that you are healthy and energetic. If you dream of catching trout, you will get good economic benefits. If you dream of giving trout to others, it indicates that you will make better friends than you.

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