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Dreaming of white ants

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White ants have a hard mouth, which can crush wood, symbolizing gaining wealth by powerful means.
Dreaming of white ants in their own homes is a good omen for getting rich.
Dreaming that there are white ants on your bed indicates that you may be seriously ill.
Dreaming of white ants fighting: if you dream that the attacked party has the upper hand, it indicates that the dreamer will pay off his debts soon, or his body will recover, and good things will come one after another; If you see the attacked party killed in your dream, it implies that the dreamer will encounter disaster, get seriously ill or face bankruptcy crisis.
I dreamed that I was surrounded by white ants: my death was coming.
Dreaming of white ants marching: It indicates that you may travel overseas and may grow up overseas.
Dreaming of white ants carrying white things, or food, indicates that you will become rich and live happily and richly.
Dreaming of white ants on the dining table indicates that relatives and friends living overseas may come to the door.
Dreaming of white ants panicking and crawling around is a bad omen, which indicates that external dangers will break their happiness and calm and need to be on guard.
Dreaming of white ants leaving their homes indicates that wealth will leave them and lead a tight life.
Modern analysis of dreaming of white ants
Dream explanation: ants are lucky. Ant is an animal with strong cooperative spirit. Dreaming of ants is a kind of feeling.
Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of ants marching and going to travel abroad. Your trip will not only be smooth, but also be safe and comfortable. If a businessman dreams of ants marching, business will prosper. Dreaming of ants panicking and crawling around is a bad omen, which indicates that danger is coming and needs to be on guard. However, if farmers dream that mother ants are running around their heads or at home, it is a good omen, which indicates good weather and long drought crops will be saved.
Termites are insects, so they have the basic characteristics of insects. Its body is divided into three parts: chest and abdomen. The head can rotate freely, and it has important sensory organs such as tentacles and eyes. The feeding organs are typical chewing mouthparts and prognathous. The chest part consists of three body segments: front chest, middle chest and back chest, each of which has a pair of feet. The winged adult has a pair of narrow membranous wings in the middle and back chest. The shape and size of the front and rear wings are almost equal, so the name of Isoptera comes from it.
Dreaming that ants have something to eat in their mouths or something white in their mouths is lucky, and the dreamer will be rich and happy. Dreaming that there are mother ants everywhere is a good omen, and the dreamer will pay off his debts or his body will recover soon. Marry unmarried people soon, and happy things will continue. However, if you dream that you are surrounded by grass, it indicates that your death is coming.
Dreaming that there are ants in the water, milk or other drinks you drink is an ominous sign. Dreamers suffer from visceral diseases. Dreaming that there are mother ants on your bed is also a dangerous omen. The dreamer will be seriously ill, so pay attention to the recent diet.
Case analysis of dreaming of white ants
Netizen's dream: I dreamed that there were many white ants in the wild, and I also found white ant nests. They had to move, and they ran away in fear. What happened?
Commentary: It's going to rain. Rain means that there are unexpected events in your life, and something big is going to happen. However, as long as you can actively deal with it instead of escaping, I believe you can deal with it.
Analysis of ancient prose dreaming of white ants
White ants enter the house and gain money. Original duke of zhou
White ants eat and wear less when they leave home. Original duke of zhou
The folklore of white ants
In daily life, people often regard termites as ants, or "white ants". In fact, termites and ants belong to Blattella and Hymenoptera in the classification system of Insecta.
Termite is an insect with a history of 250 million years. The front and back wings of winged adults are almost the same length, and the wings are longer than the body; Most of the workers and soldiers are pale white or gray-white, and the width of the junction between chest and abdomen has little change. The eyes are degraded and photophobia, and they take hidden activities: the food is lignocellulosic substances, and no grain is stored; It is an incomplete metamorphosis insect. Ants have only 60 million years of survival history; The front wing of winged adult is larger than the rear wing. Most of them are yellow, brown, black or orange-red, and there are obvious thin waist joints between the chest and abdomen, which are not afraid of light and mostly move in open places; It is mainly carnivorous or omnivorous and has the habit of storing grain; It is a completely metamorphosed insect.
From the evolutionary history of insects, termites are relatively old and primitive insects, which are close to cockroaches and can be regarded as one of the old ancestors of insect world, while ants are close to bees. There is still a long way to go in morphology, evolution, food habits and so on. Compared with the living age of human beings, termites are the oldest founders of community life, and are called the originator of community life.

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