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Dreaming of being bitten by a snake

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Dreaming of being bitten by a snake: It indicates that you are lucky and will work hard for family affairs, but don't be too tired to avoid affecting your health.
Modern analysis of dreaming of being bitten by a snake
Dream explanation: Dreaming of snakes implies that there may be a "slippery" person or situation. This refers to an occasion where someone can't be trusted. Or there is someone you know but can't control. Snakes are related to money strings.
Psychoanalysis: Because snakes are related to sex, they imply unsolved problems or fear of sexual behavior.
Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, snakes in dreams symbolize moral destruction and deception. The snake biting its tail in ancient mythology symbolizes perfection, endless vitality and power. When you are willing to devote yourself to spiritual self-sufficiency, this symbol will appear in your dreams.
Case analysis of dreaming of being bitten by a snake
Netizen's dream: There is a river near my home. When I went there to play, I suddenly saw a cloud not far from my head, but a boa constrictor fell asleep on the cloud. The snake suddenly shuttled from the cloud to the river. I also saw it swimming in the river in Qingxi, and swam to the shore and bit my foot, but I didn't see the snake's head.
Dream interpretation: dreaming that a snake bites its own foot means that your bad luck is about to finish, and good luck will come soon. Maybe it is a promotion, maybe a further study, maybe a fortune, or a trip to a distant place, etc. Anyway, your life will develop in a good direction, so you don't have to worry about dreaming. Although you dream that a snake bites your own foot, you will be very scared. People who don't know will think that something ominous is happening, but it is not. So you should open your arms, work hard and stick to your ideas, and you will succeed.