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Dreaming of roosters

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Dream of roosters, good luck, life will be happy.
Prisoners who dream of roosters will soon be free.
Farmers dream of roosters, hoping for a bumper harvest.
Businessmen dream of roosters, and business is booming.
Pregnant women dream of roosters, which is a sign of giving birth to sons.
Dreaming of roosters fighting indicates many opponents and quarrels.
Dreaming of rooster crowing is a auspicious sign, which indicates that life will be very happy in the future. If you are encountering problems and difficulties now, you don't have to worry that they will be solved smoothly in the end.
Modern psychological explanation
Dream explanation: Rooster is a symbol of a new day, and it also represents concentration and lucidity. Dreaming of a rooster indicates a new beginning in your life, or reminds you to pay attention to certain situations in your surroundings.
Psychoanalysis: dreaming of roosters generally requires you to have the spirit of struggle. You should face your career more bravely and honestly.
Spiritual symbol: The rooster in the dream represents the masculinity and the time of dawn.

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