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YIYUANQINGSHEN:     Senior psychologist
Senior emotional tutor, ACI ---- registered international intermediate psychological counselor. I am proficient in tarot cards, six hexagrams, plum blossom easy to count, qimen, liuren, noodles, etc.
The most important function of a good counselor is not to hurt you, but to establish a good relationship with you. When you put down your mask and show your true self, you will find that others will not leave you. My opinion on Zhouyi: Zhouyi itself is scientific, but science does not mean that there will be no mistakes, such as errors in accumulated accounts, misdiagnosis by doctors and mistakes in weather forecast, etc. However, it cannot be said that these disciplines are deceptive because of mistakes, so Zhouyi's theory will not be 100% accurate. If you pursue 100% accuracy, then my consultation here is not suitable for you. Please treat master Zhouyi's right and wrong correctly, and don't talk about heroes only by one divination and one eight characters.